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Plasma screen and lCD monitors are no longer merely the remit of the sitting room and bedroom. There's only just as much potential for seeing a TELEVISION to the main street these times than in a front room as open air amusement techniques and outside digital signs are dispersing all through our cities and townships.

There are a number of reasons to take a LCD-TV outdoors. For signage and advertising an outdoor Television system may clearly achieve a larger market while for amusement, TV methods are more and more probable to be set outside as clients elect to invest the evenings in-the-open atmosphere due mainly to the launch of the smoking bans.

Typical LCD TVs are obviously perhaps not designed for outdoor use but it doesn't meant that they can not be utilized outside and while special outdoor LCD TVs are available their price can be prohibitive to many

Fortunately a much more cost effective but just as protective option will come in the pretence of an LCD enclosure. These are a very adaptable solution as they permit the use of regular TV systems in hazardous and outdoor places. An LCD enclosure permits using conventional TVs when any LCD TV is placed outside these elements and because it protects against the outdoor elements must be contemplated.


Rainfall as well as water playing might be the biggest hazard to an outdoor Television program or liquid crystal display put in a professional location. Ensuring the LCD stays dry and is covered against water ingress is important that is why just as outside LCD TV's are created to IP65 and NEMA 4 so is an LCD enclosure, making it waterproof.

Dust and air-borne particles

Perhaps not much of a thought for outside use but a greater amount of air-borne particles exist in outside places but it's a real issue in industrial uses and that's why LCD enclosures are dust-proof.

Extraordinary temperature

The display and LCD might experience a heat wave or cold snap that is why thermostatic cooling and heating systems are installed in LCD enclosures and the monitors are shielded using zero-glare glass.

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